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Goodbye, for now

A short episode where Andrew Mason reveals that the show has come to an end.

Episode 21: Do you really need two cans of Play-Doh?

Development setups, our environments, and some of the equipment we are using.

Episode 20: The Service Object Show

Dave Kimurais our guest

Episode 19: Metaprogramming

Eric Berry, founder of CodeFund

Episode 18: Interviewing

The guys chat all about all the different things they've experienced over the years with the interviewing process and all the different things they've encountered with...

Episode 17: Open sourcing a Ruby gem with Brittany Martin

Special guest: Brittany Martin, who is Lead Web Developer for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Episode 16: Playbook Thirty-nine with Nick Haskins

Nick Haskins works as a full-time solo Dev for CG Cookie and a year later he launched Blender Market.

Episode 15: Rails Testing Tools and Best Practices with Jason Swett

Today's episode is all about testing!

Episode 14: Projects, Projects, Projects!!

The guys talk about new and exciting things they've been working on.

Episode 13: Wait, you want to lint commit messages?!?

The importance of architecture.

Episode 12: The State of the Rails Community with Julian Rubisch

The relationship between music and programming

Episode 11: Open Source Funding and CodeFund with Eric Berry

What was the inspiration for CodeFund?

Episode 10: Parentheses and typosquatting

Ruby 2.4 is no longer supported

Episode 9: ViewComponent at GitHub with Joel Hawksley

Exciting project updates

Episode 8: Tests and Webpacker

GitHub sponsors is a thing

Episode 7: Static Sites and Testing

Quarantined nation

Episode 6: Working from Home

Deploys are faster now

Episode 5: Joined by Chris Oliver

Frustrations with Webpacker

Episode 4: Components, HAML vs ERB, and Design Systems

The "Rails Way"

Episode 3: HEY, Productivity, Turbolinks, and Meetings

Can Hey replace Slack?

Episode 2: Editors, Pairing, RailsConf, and RPC

Too afraid to ask

Episode 1: Hello, World!

Sponsored By: Panelists Ron Cooke Nate Hopkins Andrew Mason Guest None this week Show Notes [00:00:00] In this episode, we’ll be digging deeper into the Ruby...

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