Episode 21: Do you really need two cans of Play-Doh?

Development setups, our environments, and some of the equipment we are using.

The Ruby Blend - Episode 21

Welcome to The Ruby Blend! Dave had a great idea for our topic today, which we'll be talking about our development setups, our environments, and some of the equipment we are using. Dave tells us about Elgato Steam Deck that he's getting soon and pingVerse. We will learn the guys favorite fonts, browsers they are using, specific equipment that is in their office, and what applications they can't live without. Dave makes a point about keeping your desk clean and why does Andrew disagree? Download this episode to find out more!

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Show Notes

[00:01:06] Dave tells us about the Elgato Stream Deck he's getting
 soon and how that will help him streamline, working and switching
 between different projects. He also mentions pingVerse, an online uptime
 monitoring solution.
[00:05:02] The guys chat about Vim and whether or not it worked for
[00:08:21] Ron tells us why he switched to Emacs and Andrew mentions
 there are plenty of cheat sheets out there to make you a better
[00:15:21] Andrew asks Ron if he's ever written VimScript.
[00:16:23] We learn what fonts the guys are all using. Andrew talks
 about "breadcrumbs and symbols."
[00:20:55] The guys discuss what browsers they are using.
[00:30:39] The guys tell us how their offices are set up, from
 computer, mouse, keyboard, monitor, microphone, etc.
[00:43:55] As a final note, the guys share with us applications they
 can't live without.
[00:51:05] Dave makes a point to say take the time to clean your desk.
 If affects your state of mind and it will affect the quality of your
 code that you are able to do. Andrew says having a clean desk is not a
 universal definition and yes, he does have two cans of playdough on his
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