Episode 14: Projects, Projects, Projects!!

The guys talk about new and exciting things they've been working on.
Hello and welcome to The Ruby Blend! In this episode, the guys talk about new and exciting things they've been working on. Nate starts out by talking about how he paired up with Jason Charnes of Podia and Remote Ruby, working on some great things on Stimulus Reflex. Andrew discusses a cool project to check out called BridgetownRB. Also, Andrew talks about some new projects he's been contributing to called "RailsBytes" and "AppLocale." Also, find out why Nate calls Ron the "Sage Wise One" on the show! Download this episode now!
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Show Notes:
[00:00:50] Nate talks about having some really good contributions recently and the one that has got him most excited is pairing up with Jason Charnes of Podia and Remote Ruby fame. They are doing some great things on Stimulus Reflex and Nate mentions a few things he's excited about.

 [00:05:37] Nate brings up a concern he has with new developers using stimulus reflex getting confused that there is a distinction between a reflex and a rails controller.

 [00:11:03] Andrew gives a S/O to Jared, at Bridgetown RB fame, which is a cool project that you should check out. It's a Web-pack-aware, Ruby-powered static site generator for the modern Jamstack era.

 [00:14:29] Ron wants to know if they have come up with a good solution in static site generator land if you are building a site for a client that is not technically savvy, can they make changes without having to know about build processes and all that?

 [00:18:32] Andrew mentions a post to check out he did on Dev.to called, "Build and deploy a static site with Ruby, Bridgetown, TailwindCSS, and Netlify."

 [00:19:45] Andrew has been involved in some new projects and one of them is called "Rails Bytes." He is going to tell us what it is and why we should pay attention. One of his examples is adding View Components to your app.

 [00:26:38] Andrew tells us about Dave Kimura, who runs Drifting Ruby, and has created something similar to Rails Bytes, with templates that he created.

 [00:31:31] Ron wonders about uninstalling something from your app. Isn't this part of the reason this exists, to make things more accessible to people who may have less experience programming and writing rails applications? Andrew and Nate give us their opinions.

 [00:36:14] Andrew talks about another one of his projects called, "AppLocale," which is an app to manage translations in your Rails app through I18n. Nate and Ron seem to like the idea of it.

 [00:50:02] Andrew mentions how Ron sounded very wise on their last episode. He asked some very good questions and all of a sudden everyone's talking about commit messages and changelogs on Twitter. Hmmm..was the timing coincidental or did the guys start this? Nate says Ron is the "Sage Wise One" on the show.
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Episode 14: Projects, Projects, Projects!!
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