Episode 10: Parentheses and typosquatting

Ruby 2.4 is no longer supported
  • Andrew Mason
  • Nate Hopkins
  • Ron Cooke
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Show Notes

[00:00:41] Andrew announces that Ruby 2.4 is no longer supported so
 get off of it and upgrade!
[00:02:32] Ron had some fun DevOps to share about with Digital Ocean,
 which actually weren't that fun, and you'll find out why.
[00:10:30] Nate takes the conversation into talking about templates in
 engines with Ruby and Rails and View Component. Andrew is experimenting
 with Slm and he talks about it. Find out why Andrew says, "Nate was
[00:19:22] Nate asks Ron what templates he's using at work.
[00:23:55] Ron gives his opinion on readable. As he says, "The less
 parentheses the better." Andrew shares his opinion on parentheses.
[00:31:45] Nate brings up the exploit on the Ruby Gems, all the fake
 gem names, called "Typosquatting." Andrew explains what happened.
[00:35:12] The guys remind everyone to support Ruby Central and Ruby
 Together since they maintain, clean up, and do all kinds of stuff. They
 even have a store you can purchase things from.
[00:36:19] Andrew asks Nate to talk about the manager vs. maker's
 schedule since he's been doing more managerial tasks at CodeFund
 recently. He's trying to find a rhythm and balance things. Andrew and
 Ron also share their views on management.
[00:46:50] Andrew mentions that Chris Oliver, friend, co-host of
 Remote Ruby Podcast, and the leader of the Go Rails community, created a
 video on Stimulus Reflex, and it has gotten pretty popular. Also, Nate
 talks about how he feels about having one of the more popular Ruby
 packages at this point.
[00:50:07] Andrew talks about some "code of conduct" issues that were
 going on in their discord and he talks about what he did to resolve it.
[00:55:12] Andrew talks about having a PR and merging migration issue,
 so he asks Nate and Ron for advice and they help him out.


Episode 10: Parentheses and typosquatting
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