Episode 4: Components, HAML vs ERB, and Design Systems

The "Rails Way"

Ron Cooke
 Andrew Mason


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Show Notes

[00:00:42] The guys discuss what they know about view component which
 is a component type library that GitHub was working on which was
 upstreamed into Rails and released with Rails 6.1.
[00:01:18] Andrew mentions Joel Hawksley gave a talk at RailsConf last
 year about taking action of your component. GitHub was all in on this
 library seeing a lot of performance gains over traditional partials.
[00:02:33] Andrew explains how you can create tests for your
 components and open them up with Rails Conductors and see the page or
 the component being rendered.
There was an announcement made this week so listen on.
[00:05:43] Andrew comments on the "Golden Path" and the "Rails Way"
 and how Rails is a product of Basecamp.
[00:09:35] Ron gives his opinion on why Action Cable is on by default
 in Rails.
[00:11:10] The guys discuss whether they like to use Haml, Slim, or
[00:19:54] Ron asks Andrew what his testing framework of choice was
 before he started at CodeFund.
[00:24:18] Ron mentions his recent changes in his job and Andrew has
 been "binging" working on code and he's created a design system
 visualizer engine.
[00:39:32] Pagination is discussed and how nobody is using it anymore.
 Instead, we infinite scroll and load more.
[00:45:45] Pagy and Pagy gem are brought up how it has a plug-in that
 will integrate with Arel and it's much faster.
[00:47:40] Unscoped and Default scopes are brought up in discussion.
[00:50:50] The guys "lightly" touch on the subject about going to
 college and bootcamps.


Episode 4: Components, HAML vs ERB, and Design Systems
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