Episode 5: Joined by Chris Oliver

Frustrations with Webpacker

Andrew Mason
 Nate Hopkins


Show Notes

[00:01:37] Chris talks about how he discovered Ruby and began
 developing with it. It started with him wanting to build websites.
[00:05:05] Active resource is mentioned and what it did.
[00:08:12] Chris talks about IRC Bots that worked, and he also expands
 on his goal to teach himself how to use raw socket and the IRC Protocol.
[00:12:15] What helped Chris get his first job?
[00:14:17] Nate wants to know if Ruby is a good program language for
 beginners and if you can equate learning programming to learning a
 musical instrument, like a guitar. Chris explains and mentions an
 experience he had.
[00:20:40] Chris talks about his first Rails job where he had to build
 "breadcrumbs" and the issues he had. He has some great advice.
[00:31:22] Andrew shares a funny story about asking Chris for help
 refactoring. Listen what he did to help him.
[00:33:06] Chris explains what GoRails is, how it was born, where it
 came from, and what he does with it. You will be amazed at how many
 videos he's recorded.
[00:40:20] Two questions are answered by Chris that Nate is curious
 about. What's been his most popular episode and what is his personal
 favorite one?
[00:44:28] A rundown on HatchBox is given. Let's say it's a cheaper
 hosting service and you don't have to set it up all by yourself.
[00:51:57] A discussion is brought up about frustrations with
[00:54:48] Andrew finds the "log file" topic interesting and Chris
 expands on this and explains what can be used to help.


Special Guest: Chris Oliver.

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Episode 5: Joined by Chris Oliver
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