Episode 12: The State of the Rails Community with Julian Rubisch

The relationship between music and programming
  • Andrew Mason
  • Nate Hopkins
  • Julian Rubisch

Show Notes
[00:00:38] Julian tells us all about himself and his background. He
 also tells us how long he's been programming professionally and with
 Ruby on Rails.
[00:04:24] Nate is wondering what Julian's observation is about the
 relationship between music and programming or any type of artistic
 endeavor in programming. Nate mentions a book by Paul Graham called,
 "Hackers and Painters."
[00:06:43] Nate found it interesting that as an experienced
 programmer, Julian found it intimidating when he first encountered
 Rails, but had good mentors and friends to help him. He wonders if it
 was an existing Rails application or was it a new application he was
 building? Julian explains.
[00:10:34] Andrew is curious to know what Julian uses Ruby for now and
 what his day to day use of Ruby is. Julian mentions doing backend mobile
 stuff and what he's done.
[00:14:25] Julian gives a shout-out to Chris Oliver for Jumpstart Pro
 App which helped him a lot. Also, he explains his experience with it
 because Andrew is curious.
[00:16:20] Nate is curious to know if a tool in Jumpstart Rails helps
 or is it introducing more magic? Also, if he came into the project or if
 it was a new project and he began with Jumpstart, would he have found
 Rails more approachable? Julian gives us his opinion.
[00:21:43] Nate brings up how he agrees with Julian that he thinks
 three are more things we can do on the Rails community to make it more
 approachable to newcomers. Julian has a story to share and Andrew
 mentions a Tweet that was made by Noel Rappin in response to this.
[00:25:21] Nate is curious to know if Julian watched any of the old
 RailsCasts episodes. He makes a point to say how watching these
 teaching, tutorial websites, and videos are so important to the health
 of community. Julian lets us know what he did.
[00:27:57] Andrew brings us a point by saying that with all the new
 additions to Rails, it's fair to say that the documentation hasn't kept
 up with the new features that are getting added in. Nate agrees with
 this and gives his input as well.
[00:29:49] Julian talks about his website he created called, "Better
[00:32:24] Andrew wants Julian to touch on how he found Stimulus
 Reflex and if he's using it on client projects. Julian also mentions
 "Znibbl.es" and his YouTube channel.


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Special Guest: Julian Rubisch.

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Episode 12: The State of the Rails Community with Julian Rubisch
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