Episode 7: Static Sites and Testing

Quarantined nation

Nate, Ron, and Andrew stay quarantined along with the rest of the nation. Ron is
 happy he has snacks, so he's good! In this episode, the guys talk about
 Gatsby, Frontend JavaScript, Static Site Generation, and testing
 frameworks. Also, find out why Ron and Andrew affectionately refer to Nate as "Grandpa".


Andrew Mason
 Nate Hopkins
 Ron Cooke


None this week


Show Notes

[00:00:54] The guys start off by telling stories about how being
 quarantined has changed the dynamic of their lives with family, jobs,
 and social life.
[00:07:40] Andrew talks about he's been dabbling at static site
 generators for years. He goes into his experience trying to componentize
 it using React and Storybook. He also explains where his data lives for
 the static site.
[00:10:25] "GraphQL" is explained and how it essentially wraps your
 markdown. It also has a tool called "Graphical" that builds on your
[00:17:00] Nate asks how easy is it to build with Gatsby without
 knowing React? Andrew explains and adds you need to figure out how JSX
[00:19:14] Nate asks Andrew how his experience went with
 componentizing things that he wanted to do with CodeFund codebase for a
 while and how far did he take it and what lessons did he pull out of it?
[00:21:11] Andrew mentions if anyone has heard of Mark Dalgleish who
 works on Playroom and has the best memes. He also mentions how Mark's
 belief is that you should make spacing itself a component.
[00:26:08] Andrew mentions the component library he was looking at
 called Braid-Design System.
[00:28:21] Andrew defines what "Storybook" is for anyone who may not
 have been exposed to it. He says it's a pretty slick tool!
[00:35:20] Nate brings up the old Java days or the .net days and how
 he feels the modern JavaScript ecosystem is even worse than the old Java
 XML configuration days.. in which he gets called "Grandpa" by Ron.
[00:37:30] Nate talks about what's going on with his controller
 library which contains three controllers right now and he has three
 lined up.
[00:39:01] The guys all talk about testing and frameworks and how they
 feel about them.
[00:47:00] Nate talks about a test suite he wrote called "PRY test."
 Listen to hear why he created this and how he uses it.
[00:52:34] Nate touches on layered caching but for more info on this
 check out Remote Ruby-Epsiode 70, where Nate talks more in depth about
 layered caching stuff they did at CodeFund.

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Episode 7: Static Sites and Testing
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